Background Removal Service

Background Removal Services

Enhance your product photos with a professional and clean background of any color of your choice. Our photo retouchers ensure pixel-perfect precision for bulk images.

Starting at 19¢ /per image

Did you know that 38% of consumers prefer seeing products on a white background when shopping online? We understand that editing all those photos to have a white background can be a daunting and time-consuming task for eCommerce retailers like you. But worry not, because we’ve got you covered!

Not only do online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay recommend or require white backgrounds for product photos, but we can also accommodate solid color backgrounds that match your brand. We use hand-drawn clipping paths to ensure that every detail of your product is captured, and can even add contextual backgrounds for ads or seasonal selling.

Save time and enhance your online product listings with our professional photo background removal services.

Let the Retouchers Handle It

Why waste time in Photoshop when you can focus on what you love? Our experts will meticulously remove every background by hand, ensuring flawless execution even with the most complex subjects. Plus, we offer competitive pricing tailored to fit your budget and timeline.

We understand that your brand has its own unique identity. That’s why we offer the flexibility to accommodate single-color backgrounds that match your brand’s aesthetic. Whether it’s a vibrant hue or a subtle shade, we can make it happen. We take pride in our meticulous approach to image editing.

What is background removal service?

Background removal services are professional image editing services that involve removing the background from a photo or image. This process helps to isolate the main subject of the photo and create a transparent or custom background. This service is commonly used in various industries, such as e-commerce and studios, to enhance product images and create a consistent and professional look. Background removal services can be done manually by skilled professionals to achieve accurate and precise results.

Do you need help removing unwanted objects and backgrounds from your images? Whether you’re a photographer, online seller, or eCommerce business owner, we offer professional background removal services. Sometimes, you may have a photo with a great subject but a poor environment, or a product image that’s ruined by distracting scenery and other objects. In such cases, we can help isolate your subject and provide you with a clean image for further editing or use in digital composites.

Professional Image Background Removal Service


Clipping path background removal

Clipping path background removal service is a professional solution for removing backgrounds from images. With this service, you can easily separate the main subject of your image from its background, allowing for more flexibility in how you use the picture. Whether you need to remove a complex or intricate background, a clipping path service can efficiently and accurately isolate the subject, ensuring a clean and seamless result.

Product image background removal

Product image background removal service is a technique to eliminate the background from an image, leaving only the main subject or product. This process involves separating the product from its original background, creating a transparent or solid color background instead. This process offers several benefits, including easy integration across various sales channels like e-commerce websites and social media platforms.

Image background removal for photographers

Image background removal is an essential service for photographers. It keeps the subject isolated and prominent by eliminating unwanted or distracting backgrounds from images. This service is essential for photographers as it enhances the visual appeal of their photos, makes the subject stand out and attracts the audience’s attention. By using our background removal service, photographers can make their images look more professional and polished.

To remove the background, we use Photoshop and different techniques depending on the image. If the image has hair or fur, we use Photoshop masking techniques to isolate those areas. For the rest of the image with sharp edges, we use clipping paths. If the image doesn’t have hair or fur, we use the Pen tool to create a clipping path for the whole image. After removing the background, we save the image in your preferred format and settings.