Photo Retouching Service

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Enhance your product photos with vibrant and eye-catching colors using our color correction service. Save time and money by avoiding expensive photo shoots, and achieve bright and vivid colors that will make your products shine.

Starting at 69¢ /per image

Photo color correction service is important for photographers, e-commerce businesses, and anyone looking to enhance the quality of their images. Whether you need to adjust the brightness, saturation, white balance, or color tone of your photos, a professional color correction service can help you achieve the desired results.

From product photos to professional portraits, photo editing can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of an image. If you’re looking to retouch or correct the color of your photos, consider using an image color correction service to ensure that your images look their best.

Get the exact color you need with no additional product shots.

Let the Color Experts handle it

Product color change photo edits can indeed be time-consuming, especially when there are multiple color variants for a single product. This is where outsourcing color change services becomes invaluable.

By using professional assistance, you can ensure that your product’s color variations are presented accurately and realistically, without the delays and workload that come with editing in-house. Expert color change services can provide completed edits in as few as 6 hours, enabling you to concentrate on expanding your business and nurturing your creative pursuits.

What is color correction service?

Photo Color Correction service is a professional editing technique used to enhance and improve the colors in digital images to achieve a desired look or to correct any color issues. It involves adjusting various aspects such as brightness, contrast, white balance, shadows, highlights, overall color balance, saturation, contrast, and tone to make the photos look more appealing and realistic. Color correction services are commonly used in various industries, including photography, e-commerce, advertising, and graphic design when there are multiple color options for a single product. Instead of shooting each color variant separately, color changes can be made through photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Color correction is the process of adjusting the colors in an image by correcting color casts, fine-tuning color balance, and optimizing focus, contrast, color gradients, and lighting conditions.

Color matching

Color matching is crucial for e-commerce stores to display products accurately and consistently. Our Photo retouchers adjust brightness, white balance, contrast, hue, and saturation to match the reference image, maintaining a uniform brand image across all platforms.

Color variants

Color variants in photo editing refer to different variations of an image created by altering its colors. This technique is often used in image editing to showcase a product in multiple color options without the need for separate photoshoots for each variant.

Color correction

Photographers don’t always get the lighting and camera settings right. If product photos have wrong colors, customers may be unhappy and return the items. Photo editors fix the color of the photo by adjusting exposure, light, contrast, brightness, hue, and other factors to make it look natural and appealing.

White balance adjustment

Objects that look white in real life should also look white in photos. However, sometimes white objects may appear bluish or yellowish in photos. To fix this issue, we can adjust the colors to ensure accuracy and maintain the original color appearance.