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Transform your apparel photos with our professional invisible ghost mannequin editing services to create realistic 3D effects, including seamless neck, sleeve, and bottom joints.

Starting at 59¢ /per image

In the competitive world of fashion, first impressions are crucial. High-quality, professional images of your apparel can significantly impact your brand’s perception and sales.

Our Invisible Mannequin Service (also known as Ghost Mannequin, 3D Mannequin, Hollow Man, Neck Joint, Symmetrical Neck Joint, Cutouts, etc.) is designed to enhance your apparel photos, making them stand out effectively.

Enhance Your Clothing Photos with Our Invisible Mannequin Service and Captivate Your Audience!

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Enhance your clothing photos with our Invisible Mannequin Service and captivate your customers like never before! Imagine this: you’ve taken some fantastic shots of your apparel on mannequins, but those visible necks, arms, and legs just don’t do your garments justice.

Our service steps in to remove those extra parts and merge the neck area, making your clothes look amazingly realistic and giving them a 3D effect. This not only showcases the true shape and fit of your products but also keeps costs down compared to hiring real models. Whether it’s dresses, shirts, or jackets, our editing magic ensures your clothing takes centre stage, looking crisp, clean, and ready to wow your customers. Let’s transform your photo gallery and drive those sales!

What is Ghost Mannequin Service?

Ghost Mannequin Service, also known as Invisible Mannequin, 3D Mannequin, Hollow Man, Neck Joint, Symmetrical Neck Joint, or Cutouts, is a specialized photo editing technique used predominantly in apparel and fashion photography. It involves removing the mannequin or model from a apparel photo and creating the illusion of an invisible mannequin. This technique allows the clothing item to appear as if it is being worn by an invisible person, giving a clean and professional look to the product image. It is a popular method for showcasing clothing such as shirts, dresses, or jackets on online platforms and catalogues.

Here is a breakdown of how the Ghost Mannequin Service works:

Photographing the Product: The clothing item is first photographed on a mannequin to highlight its shape, fit, and other details.

Removing Mannequin Parts: Using advanced photo editing software, our experienced photo editor carefully removes the visible parts of the mannequin, such as the neck, arms, and legs. This is done through techniques like masking and layering.

Merging Parts: To ensure a seamless and realistic look, the neck area (or any other part that was covered by the mannequin) of the clothing item is edited and merged. Our expert photo editors also combine the interior shot of the garment with the exterior shots to maintain the natural shape and structure. This step helps in maintaining the natural flow and appearance of the garment.

Final Touch-Up: Further enhancements might be made to the image, such as adjusting lighting, color correction, and refining shadows to ensure the garment looks appealing and professional.

By using the Ghost Mannequin Service, fashion brands and online retailers can present their products more effectively. This technique allows potential customers to better visualize how the clothing will fit and look when worn, without the distractions or inconsistencies that can sometimes come with live models or mannequins. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to create polished and professional product images.

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